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My nieces' favourite chocolate chip cookies recipe

My nieces' favourite chocolate chip cookies recipe

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My nieces love these cookies! When they come to my house, we have to make them many times over - I feel compelled to share my secrets for making them, so here they are!

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IngredientsMakes: 24 cookies

  • 350g salted butter, softened
  • 250g caster sugar
  • 275g dark brown soft sugar
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 500g plain flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 500g chocolate chips

MethodPrep:5min ›Cook:15min ›Extra time:5min cooling › Ready in:25min

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 C / Gas 4. Line a baking tray with a silicone sheet or baking parchment.
  2. Mix the butter, caster sugar, dark brown soft sugar and vanilla sugar in the bowl of an electric mixer on low speed until creamy. Add the eggs and continue to mix on low speed until homogeneous.
  3. Leave the mixer on low speed, and add the flour and baking powder gradually until all ingredients are moistened. Stir in the chocolate chips. (Now, even though the dough is ready - you do not need to eat all of it yet!)
  4. Drop 5cm balls of the cookie dough onto the prepared baking tray.
  5. Bake in the preheated oven until golden at the edges, about 15 minutes. Let cool on the baking tray for 5 minutes, then remove to cool completely on a wire rack.

Serving suggestion

My nieces prefer these cookies a little soft, but if you prefer them a little crunchy, bake for 20 minutes.

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David Lebovitz's chocolate chip cookies

When my craving hit, it was sudden and strong. I wanted a chocolate chip cookie.

But not just any run-of-the-mill chocolate chip cookie, a homemade one with dark chocolate chips that was slightly gooey and chewy on the inside.
Some of my readers may or not remember my day job (at least when I am not on maternity leave) is as a journalist. And so I approached this self assignment much as I would approach any assignment.

With lots and lots of research. Did you know that there are thousands of pages devoted to the art of making the chocolate chip cookie? Now, obviously some of this is subjective. Whereas you may prefer a crispy cookie with nuts, I prefer mine to be chewy, even slightly under-baked but with semi-sweet chocolate.

There are those who swear by melted butter while others insist the butter must be firm but room temperature. There are some who insist you must chill your dough while other purists deplore you not to use nuts. And so it was through this journey of research that I discovered the recipe from David Lebovitz's chocolate chip cookies.

My decision to attempt this cookie came down to a few simple reasons. The main one was technique, which you will see with refrigerator cookies, to chill the dough for as long as 24 hours before baking to prevent against spreading. I have also tried Lebovitz's recipes in the past, and they have turned out great. And frankly, I love reading his blog. He is witty, he is talented, and he lives in Paris. In fact you should run over there and read his blog, but not before you've been through mine, of course. But I digress. Back to the matter at hand.

Substitutions: I used dark brown sugar rather than light brown sugar and I used pecans for the nuts.

Would I make this again? Yes, I would. These are decadent and feel rather more gourmet than your regular chocolate chip cookie. But what worked most in its favour was the fact that you can keep some of the dough chilled, or even frozen, until you are ready to use it. On weekends, when most family members are apt to drop by, it is easy peasy to pop these in the oven for a few minutes and amaze your guests with freshly baked cookies.

My only complaint is that some of the dough becomes so crumbly that it becomes unusable, and there were nuts and chocolate chunks that I couldn't push back into the dough than I would have liked. Next time, I may use a quarter cup less nuts.

Grade: Four-and-a-half stars out of five. These high-chocolate quotient cookies were delicious, gooey, indulgent, chunky, yummy. I could go on. They are the chocolate chip cookies you would bake for a gourmet girls' night in, but maybe not for your younger nieces and nephews because of the darker chocolate, and also the nuts.

But they weren't quite as chewy as I would have liked. And while I liked the convenience of the frozen dough, and the fact that the cookies did not spread like other cookie disasters, too much of it became crumbly enough that I couldn't use it at all. One thing I will say, though, is because the refrigerated dough kept these cookies from spreading they were a lot more consistent in shape and size than other cookies I've made. Bonus points on that one, Lebovitz.

But my quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie is not over. When I sent a Twitter-wide request for favourite chocolate chip recipes, a Facebook friend of mine responded with the mother of all chocolate chip cookie recipes. It's got vanilla pudding, it's got white chocolate chips, it's got melted butter. Drool, drool, drool. Trust me, you'll want to hear all about it.

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi, there how are you? In the mood for baking these Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies I hope.

A Tower of Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies – scrumptious.

These cookies deserve some serious (only kidding!!) respect. They are sugary crisp on the outside and gooey, meltingly, chocolately on the inside. This is THE cookie you have been waiting for – and you didn’t even know it.

See I told you!! That’s a large ice cream scoop – lost amongst the Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies (bet it would be nice to be that scoop. ).

I can honestly say I’ve never wanted to be an ice cream scoop before – but there’s a first time ……

That’s only 8 cookies people – nearly as tall as the Eiffel Tower (artistic license allowed!!)

Did I mention that these are Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies – oh I did and you want me to get on with the recipe – fair enough: here goes!!

Recipe: This recipe makes 14-16 Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies.

225g/8oz Light Brown Sugar

Pinch of Salt – free flowing

275g/10oz Plain White Flour

1/2 tsp Sodium Bicarbonate.

400g/14oz Chocolate Chunks/Chips

Preheat the oven to 170C (160C fan).

In a large, microwave proof bowl, add the butter and sugar. Place in the microwave and heat until the butter is just starting to melt : it’s very hard to give exact timings here, as it depends how cold your butter is to start, what power (wattage) your microwave is etc. The only advice I would give is to heat it slowly, on medium. Once butter melts in a microwave it starts to spit and bubble. Whilst this is going to have a small impact in your recipe, it’s a real pain to have to clean out the microwave, mid baking, before the butter sets hard. Just trying to help!!

Next get whisking and I mean you really do need an electric whisk for this. I made these cookies a fair few times before I realised the importance of really whisking the butter and sugar together properly and then again when you add the egg, extra yolk and vanilla extract. Bi have absolutely no idea why it makes such a difference, but it does and so much for the better!

The whisked butter and sugar, ready to be whisked again with the egg and vanilla. Lovely fluffy, whipped eggs/butter/sugar and vanilla – almost doubled in size.

Whisking the eggs and vanilla extract into the butter/sugar mixture for a good 5 minutes makes all the difference to the finished cookie.

Now sift in the flour/bicarb and salt. Then add the chocolate (I used Milk Chocolate Chunks – you may use whichever chocolate you prefer!!). Using a spoon gently fold all the dry ingredients, including the chocolate chunks into the whisked mixture. I’ve found the cookie dough comes together very easily.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – yummeeeee!

Line two baking sheets with parchment paper (I’m sorry I just don’t get along with greaseproof paper, it always sticks!!). Then using a large, spring operated ice cream scoop ( see 1st photo! ), proceed to scoop out 4 portions if cookie dough, well spaced apart, on each sheet. Using damp hands, slightly flatten the dome top of each unbaked cookie. Place in the oven for 20-25 minutes, or until the biscuits have a sugary, crackled sheen, turning golden and are starting to set. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for at least 5 minute before placing each cookie on a baking rack.

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Then proceed as before to bake the rest of the Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies – or make smaller cookies: take a golf ball sized piece of cookie dough, roll into a ball in you hands, place on the lined baking sheet and press down lightly as before. Bake for approx 15 minutes. The cookie dough left, yielded 13 smaller (but NOT small) cookies.

The second batch of smaller, Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies – now there’s a contradiction!

I had soooo much fun making these cookies. The recipe was originally inspired by Nigella (thank you Ms Lawson) but I’ve adapted it over time and it is absolutely, one hundred per cent, our children’s and my Nieces favourite cookie that I bake – like ever.

A Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie with 2 not so smaller ones!

The very best part of making these cookies is sharing them. Children and the young at heart love being treated to a Supersize cookie (as the sugar content is quite a bit higher than my other cookie recipes, these don’t get baked very often – see I am a responsible mum – almost!!).

I hope that you give these Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies a try and enjoy sharing them and revelling in the smiles you see!

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Skinny Double Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cream Frappuccino

” alt=”alt description” />

I can finally say, after a hectic two months, life is getting back to normal.

And that is a reason to celebrate if you ask me!

While I think I can handle it all, I have a tendency to keep piling things onto my ‘to do’ list. Thinking I am modern day wonder women. Only to become an overly stressed, grumpy wonder women. Nothing wonderful about that…

Despite working from home and being grateful to say I run a blog as my full time job, I can say life can still get overwhelming. The thought to always being ‘on the go’ and completing as many things on my to-do list as possible, I often forget to just relax and be in the moment. Something very much needed in life.

So this summer, I am determined to not let it pass me by, rather de-stress and become more zen, if you will. Part of that movement, is my weekly yoga date with my sister in law. On Friday mornings, we attend a hot yoga vanyasa flow class. Despite the burn I feel, I also have an overall sense of calm upon leaving. I love how our instructor reads a prayer that oddly enough, speaks to me each day. This past week was the discussion of being in the moment. Not letting life pass us by. Something I have been desperately trying to do.

That prayer spoke to me. Realizing I am always thinking of my next 5 steps, rather than seeing the glory of what God has given me. So that afternoon, I took off and ventured down the street to visit my sister in law and niece. Did I mention we moved within minutes of my brother and his wife? And within minutes of my husbands sister and husband? That mean’s lots of family time! Something that instantly lifts my mood.

Friday afternoons are much like everyone else’s. The hype of the weekend is within me and I too, am in no mood to work! This summer, I anticipate afternoons spent at the pool, watching my nieces and nephews splashing around and my attempt to tan my ever growing belly!

Only being a week into my more zen movement, I already feel a sense of calm! Oh, and you know what else helps me ‘live in the moment’? Cookies and Cream Frappuccino’s! But slimmed down and double the chocolate! Much like my secret to my peppermint patty shake, cottage cheese is the base here. A handful of mini chocolate chip cookies, espresso powder if you want some pep in your step and a garnish of whipped cream and chocolate chips, and you are ready for once dessert that will surely have you loving that moment!

How do you live in the moment? I would love to know!

Indulge this Skinny Double Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cream Frappuccino for dessert to enjoy cookies a milkshake all in one sip!


Thanks for stopping by. I&rsquom Tamsin, a recipe developer, blogger and food photographer.

I live on the South coast of England with my boyfriend and two step children. We live 5 minutes from the beach and so many country walks on our doorstep, it&rsquos heaven!

I was born vegetarian and since I was a teenager I have had a passion for cooking wholesome and tasty meals for my family. I&rsquom the youngest of 7 and have 5 nieces/nephews and cooking for big family gatherings is my favourite!

I made the transition to vegan in 2017 and decided to create this blog to share my recipes. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to cook delicious vegan meals for you and your friends and family!

At Cupful of Kale you&rsquoll find sweet and savoury vegan recipes, most of which take 30 minutes or less.

If I&rsquom not working you may also find me in a garden centre, flea market or charity shop searching for my next plant friend or food prop.

My favourite foods are anything with potato, pasta or chocolate! I&rsquoll always choose a bowl of veg over a bowl of fruit and 9 times out of 10 I&rsquoll choose savoury over sweet. Unless there&rsquos chocolate involved, then I&rsquoll have both.

Some of my favourite recipes on the blog:

I shoot on a Canon 6D and 50mm 1.8 lens/100mm 2.8 lens. For more photography tips, see here.

Amish Friendship Bread Peanut Butter Cookies

Get ready &hellip we&rsquore taking Amish Friendship Bread cookie recipes to a whole new level. Don&rsquot forget to bring the milk!

I love using the starter to make cookies, because it&rsquos a quick and easy way to use up excess starter while making enough cookies to share with friends and family. This is a classic peanut butter recipe that I also use to make blossom cookies. Can&rsquot decide what to do? Split the batter and make both! Here&rsquos how I did it:

After mixing the ingredients, chill the dough until it&rsquos easier to handle, about 30 minutes. Then spoon or scoop onto an ungreased cookie sheet. Roll each dough ball in granulated sugar.

Gently press down with the back end of a fork so the fork tines leave an impression on the top of the dough. Turn your fork 90 degrees and do it again to create a criss-cross pattern.

Pop in a preheated 350° F (176° C) for 10 minutes until dark but not brown. Be careful not to let them overbake.

This is a great recipe for peanut butter lovers and is a super giftable treat. Fill a mason jar with a stack of cookies, and don&rsquot forget to attach one of our free printables gift tags or mason jar labels to make your gift giving complete!


Line a deep 23cm round spring-form cake tin. Preheat oven to 150 C.

Add chocolate to TM bowl and grind for 10 secs / speed 10.

Add butter to TM bowl and melt with chocolate for 4 mins / 50 degrees / speed 2.

Add remaining ingredients except for the eggs and mix for 15 secs / speed 6. Scrape sides of TM bowl.

Add eggs and mix for 20 secs / speed 6 until batter is silky smooth.

Pour into prepared cake tin and smooth surface. Bake for 2 hours - 2 hours 15 mins - skewer test clean - don't overbake or it will be dry around the edges.

Leave cake in tin until cold and then remove from cake tin. Cake will crack on top and centre of cake will rise to a dome shape. Using a sharp knife, slice off the dome to flatten the top of the cake horizontally.

Turn the cake upside down and place on a wire cooling rack with a papwer-lined tray underneath.

Chocolate Ganache

Make the ganache as per the recipe in your EDC (TM31) or BCB (TM5).

Allow to cool so it thickens slightly.

Pour ganache over the cake and spread evenly across the top and down the sides. Any excess will run off the cake onto the tray below. Allow to set.

Chocolate Chip Hamantaschen

i thought I was finished making hamantaschen this year.. after making over 200 … I thought I wrote down how many I made but didn’t!

I made Hamantaschen with some friends & this year we did it on zoom..we made some filled with apricot… some with a prune raisin filling…and some with poppyseed..I used the poppyseed filling recipe from Bon Appetit.. it was delicious.

i usually have my great nieces & nephews over to bake hamantaschen every year but… we did it this year over zoom!

I decided to make the chocolate chip ones from The Nosher. Mine did not look as beautiful as the ones they posted on line but they are delish! I will post some my not-so-nice pictures & then the good ones! There were suggestions for fillings so I tried dome Duece de Leche .. which did not work. it leaked out all over the place… I did not have any Nutella but I do have some large marshmallows & chocolate chips! I cut the marshmallows into pieces kind of the size of mini marshmallows… & added a few chocolate chips. The fist batch opened up & the marshmallow bubbled out.. which didn’t look good but are soooooo good to eat! What I didn’t do was chill the dough after the cookies were formed. The next batch I closed them up more & chilled the dough & they worked much better!

The recipe is from The Nosher.. here is the link to the recipe on that site

Here is the recipe .. I did not change the recipe at all


Cookie Dough

1/2 cup room temperature butter

1/4 cup mini chocolate chips

I used 2 pieces of cut up large marshmallow.. so use 2-3 mini marshmallows & about 4-5 chocolate chips…

If you use Nutella..the recipe suggests using 1/2 tsp only!

You will need 2 baking sheets lined with parchment paper if you have 2 otherwise you can of course use one

Preheat oven to 400f once the cookies are formed & chilling in the fridge

Making Messes in the Kitchen All Throughout the Holiday Season

With my holiday baking, there are going to be all kinds of different cookies with lots of different flavours. I can’t wait to share some new recipes I’ve been working on, as well as some of my all time favourite classic Christmas cookies.

To kick things off, I started with these gluten-free almond chocolate chip cookies! They are especially delicious to enjoy with tea or coffee, because they have biscotti vibe to them (yes, that’s a thing!).

These gluten-free cookies are easy to prepare, make, and cook for just 10 minutes in the oven. So they’re ready in no time at all.

Made with vanilla, cinnamon, slivered almonds, and of course, chocolate chips the flavours combine to create a delicious and festive taste!

Watch the video: Changing the way we think about chocolate. Will Lydgate. TEDxBerkleeValencia (November 2021).