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Download a Virtual Sommelier onto Your Phone

Download a Virtual Sommelier onto Your Phone

Tipsi App gives wine recommendations based on users' personal preferences, drinking history, and desired meal type

Never scratch your head at a lengthy wine list again with the new Tipsi app.

Who said you had to go to a liquor store to get a great wine recommendation? The Tipsi app, which just launched for the iPhone, acts as a virtual sommelier and picks wine for users from location-based wine inventories based on what meal they are pairing wine with, their personal taste preferences, and which wines they have enjoyed in the past. The results are pooled from 120,000 wines in more than 1,000 New York City restaurants in downtown Manhattan. The app was created and curated in collaboration with real sommeliers like Anani Lawson of Per Se and French Laundry.

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“Selecting the perfect wine can be challenging and stressful to the casual wine drinker,” said Tipsi co-founder and CEO, Mike Bell in a statement. “Consumers want to feel confident that when they choose a wine, they are going to like it.”

The app uses intricate algorithms to develop recommendations for wine-drinkers. Users can also buy many of the wines directly through the app at Although only available in collaboration with Manhattan restaurants for now, Tipsi will soon be expanding to other New York City neighborhoods, as well as San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

20 Long-Distance Date Ideas To Keep The Love Alive

Video chat isn&rsquot the only way to connect with your S.O. from afar.

FaceTime fatigue in your long-distance relationship? Same. The good news: Brainstorming some exciting, long-distance date ideas that are more interesting than a video chat from your couch is easier than you think.

&ldquoAccording to multiple studies, the key to a successful LDR comes down to three factors: structure, clear expectations, and having mutual goals,&rdquo says Tara Suwinyattichaiporn, PhD, assistant professor of relational and sexual communication at California State University, Fullerton. &ldquoScheduling remote dates hits all three of these factors. Your online dating life has a structure. You can expect when they're going to happen. And, you're mutually looking forward to the same goal, which is having a good time connecting.&rdquo

Megan Bearce, LMFT, relationship coach, speaker and author of the book Super Commuter Couples: Staying Together When A Job Keeps You Apart, echoes this sentiment, adding that it&rsquos important to recognize how your better half prefers to connect and what activities you each enjoy as a window to get to know each other on a deeper level. Bearce recommends considering guiding questions like &ldquodo you take turns planning the remote date?&rdquo and &ldquodo you make it a surprise and drop hints in the days leading up?&rdquo when planning your dates from afar.

&ldquoRegular dates form layers of connection in your relationship,&rdquo says Bearce. &ldquoThink of a rope. One made of a single string may break easily, but several strings of experiences interwoven become very strong and can handle more strain.&rdquo

Whatever date idea you settle on for your long-distance date night, Suwinyattichaiporn recommends keeping a few things in mind.

  • First, pick a time during which each partner can be fully present (this may take a bit of troubleshooting to find the best window if you&rsquore in different time zones).
  • Then, set the mood by getting dressed as you would for an IRL date, lighting candles, and putting on your favorite perfume or scent.
  • End each date with a &ldquorelationship check-in session&rdquo to promote connection and understanding.

As you brainstorm ideas, you may want to aim for activities that teach you something new, spark creativity, and help you achieve goals together as a team&mdasheven if you&rsquore 500 miles apart. To get the wheels turning, read on for 20 long-distance date ideas that are so fun even your shacked-up friends may want to split up for the evening and give one or two a whirl.

The Capital Grille Concierge 12+

From the moment you download The Capital Grille Concierge app, the experience is one of service at your fingertips. Seamlessly make a reservation with only a few taps, explore Food and Wine Pairings from our Sommelier, view a live up-to-the-minute Wine List, peruse public Wine Lockers or manage your Wine Locker with ease, and so much more.

Experience having a Concierge to the good life right on your phone:

• Make reservations with as little as two taps

• View a live, real time Wine List at your Capital Grille, the only up-to the-minute wine list of its kind

• Manage your Wine Locker. As a Wine Locker Member, you can also send the gift of wine directly from your locker, request new wines be added to your locker, or participate in an online social community of like-minded wine enthusiasts among other benefits

• Learn about food and wine pairings curated by a Sommelier as you plan your next visit, or prepare for your own food and wine affair at home

• Examine the winemaker’s tasting notes for any wine you view, and contemplate other wine recommendations served up on your screen based on your preferences

• View upcoming events, holiday menus and special offerings at your local Capital Grille

• Order plastic or eGift Cards

• Locate the nearest Capital Grille

• Become an Insider at The Capital Grille

• Make a Private Dining inquiry for one or multiple locations

• Create and manage your account

*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Bar and restaurants start implementing AR

Bars and restaurants can also benefit from augmented reality technology.

By engaging visitors with an interactive augmented reality application, you will definitely attract more people to your bar.

Visitors of Jason Atherton’s City Social restaurant-bar in London can now enjoy a new-level experience with their cocktails. Although the beverage itself remains real, the way it looks is entirely changed by the Mirage augmented reality app.

Mirage AR is an augmented reality entertainment cocktail menu that showcases new possibilities for immersive dining.

The augmented reality mobile app is designed to enhance the overall cocktail experience and bring a consumer into an immersive “world where great tasting cocktails become interactive art.”

Mirage augmented reality is available for both iOS and Android. The AR app works by recognizing the mat, which is served on with the chosen City Social’s drink.

To get started, bar visitors have to download the AR app and then scan mobile camera over a cocktail glass. Once done, the app will fill the customer’s screen with colorful displays, frames, and illusions.

Every drink gives a different experience and every single cocktail features a separate artwork: from Banksy to Van Gogh, from Pop Art to Picasso.

Questions About Our Virtual Classes? We’ve Got Answers.

At your scheduled class time, you will enter a virtual classroom via the Zoom link provided. The chef will guide you step-by-step through a recipe, answering questions along the way with the help of our moderator.

Our Virtual Demonstration classes are a fun opportunity to watch your chef in action. During class, your chef will teach you how to prepare the dishes while you observe and take notes. Our Zoom moderator will make sure your questions submitted through the chat option are answered during or after class. The recipe packet will be provided upon registration. Please note that some recipe steps may be prepared ahead due to the length of the class.

Our Virtual Cook Along classes will have you and your chef cooking together in real time. We’ll provide you with the recipe packet and equipment list upon registration, so you’re prepared to get cooking, and when it’s over you’ll have dinner on the table! Our Zoom moderator will make sure your questions are answered live by the chef either during or after class.

We use Zoom for all of our virtual classes. It's a fairly intuitive platform, but we recommend getting familiar with Zoom's functionality before joining the class. You’ll need an internet connection and the ability to stream audio and video to participate. A link, meeting ID number and password to use to join the Zoom session will be included in the email sent at least two hours prior to the class start time.

If you are having trouble accessing the meeting, please see Zoom's support video and article. Keep in mind that while we use the Zoom platform, we are not a support team for Zoom.

The recipes for each class will be provided upon registration in your confirmation email. If you are taking a Cook Along class, an equipment list will also be provided so that you can be prepared to cook during the class.

Our emails are generated automatically from our online registration system. Order confirmation emails with the recipes will come from Virtual Class at The Chopping Block. You will receive this at the time you place the order. Emails with the login information and recipes for your class will come from The Chopping Block Lincoln Square. You will receive this email at least two hours prior to the class start time. Please check your spam folder, and add "" to your list of safe senders in your email provider.

Our demonstration classes are $20 per screen + fees. Our Cook Along classes are $50 per screen + fees. Our 2-hour intensive, workshop classes are $75 per screen + fees. Prices of classes are subject to change based on subject matter and length of class. If there are multiple people in one household using one screen, you should pay for only one screen.

Our virtual classes range in length from 45 minutes to two hours, depending on subject matter and type of class. In each type of class, our chef answers all of your questions throughout the class.

Please ask as many questions as you would like via the chat function within Zoom in all classes. During our Cook Along classes, you have the opportunity to ask the chef questions yourself. Our moderator will indicate when you can unmute yourself, and you can ask your question directly to the chef. We will do our best to get to every question possible during the class.

Yes, since our classes are priced per screen, feel free to include your family and children in your household in any one of our classes, especially the classes geared for families. Children should always be supervised by an adult while cooking.

You will receive a confirmation email from Virtual Class at The Chopping Block following your purchase. Within this e-mail, you’ll find the link to download Zoom and recipes for your class.

If you are taking a demonstration class, you simply watch the chef, ask questions and take notes so you can prepare the dish on your own later.

If you are taking a Cook Along class, we recommend getting organized by measuring out your ingredients and gathering your equipment. Most knife skills will be done together in class, but your recipe packet will contain specific instructions for each class. You are always welcomed to do more prep ahead of time if you feel that will help you during the class. Organization will allow you to easily access all necessary ingredients and materials during the class to best cook along with your chef. Being prepared will result in a more enjoyable experience!

We know you are cooking with what you have at home and therefore may need to make substitutions. You may ask the chef about substitutions or dietary restrictions during the class via the chat functionality.

To access your class, you will be sent a Zoom meeting link to the email address you provided when purchasing your class, along with a meeting ID and password. That email will be sent at least two hours to the start of the class. By clicking on the link, you will automatically be prompted to open Zoom and join the class. Everyone is encouraged to join the class 5-10 minutes early to ensure that you have a good connection with Zoom. Please note that upon joining you will be directed to the waiting room until the class begins. If you do not receive the email with login instructions at least 2 hours prior to the start of class, please email [email protected] so we can support you.

You will not need to register for an account to join. Simply click to “Join the meeting” via in the email sent two hours before the class start time. You will be prompted to download and install the Zoom app so we recommend doing this prior to class. Once downloaded, open the Zoom program you will need to give Zoom access to your computer/phone microphone and camera. When you are ready to join the class select “Join with Video” and “Join Audio” buttons in the bottom left corner of the Zoom application.

Best VR porn websites

Porn in 2D? Please. We now have 3D virtual reality porn! VR porn is more genuine, lifelike, immersive, and authentic because you feel like you are actually in the room with beautiful pornstars.

So many folks have made the switch from regular to VR, and it has resulted in tons of sites popping up. Virtual reality sex is still relatively new, and some sites are hitting the mark where others aren’t.

Watching VR porn isn’t exactly the quickest way to get off. You need to have the right gear and sometimes wait to download a video. If the quality is crap, then what was all of that for?

After months of research and plenty of viewing time, we can say with confidence that these are the best VR porn sites worth spending your time and money on:

    - #1 VR site - Easy to use - Best bang for your buck - CosPlay performers - Fetish-friendly site - Good web tech, niche performances - Girl-next-door performers - Pay-per-view options available - Sexy masturbation scenes - Nice way to discover new fantasies - Full production BDSM scenes - Free videos - Close Up shots in HD - Stunning Czech performers - Has over 2K scenes to choose from - VRs best kept secret - Best teen performers - Great for mobile viewing - Best for VR Latina babes - Has the sexiest models - Downloadable previews filmed in 8K - Unique fetish categores - Watch your favorite pornstars masturbate - Stripteases in HD

1. VR Bangers - Best Overall VR Porn Site

VR Bangers is the most straightforward, accessible, and user-friendly VR porn site available. The site design itself is relatively simple, which is what makes finding amazing videos so easy. These 6K VR adult videos average a length of about a half hour and are skillfully filmed and put together. They also release new content weekly, which is why their star is on the rise.

With almost 300 catalogs available to you, you will be able to find exactly what turns you on. It’s a lot to sift through, but there’s also a great filtering system that makes it easy to whittle down the cream of the crop. Use this advanced search feature to find specific models, kinks, genres, and more. From orgies, to threesomes, to the classic one-on-one VR scenes, there’s plenty to get excited about. If you have Gear, Oculus, or Vive headsets, you can also play their sex games, which are included in their packages.

Their most recent content is presented in 360-degree clips with some old scenes filmed in 180-degree clips. Some other sites don’t even offer you a 360-degree option, making VR Bangers hit the top of this list. It’s also advanced in other ways. For instance, it’s compatible with plenty of headsets including PlayStation VR, HTC Live, Samsung Gear VR, and many more. There’s also a great mobile app, but it’s reserved for Android users. Another knock against VR Bangers is that it doesn’t have teledildonics (synch your sex toy with the video itself). But trust us, the scenes feel very real.

So how much will all this cost you? VR Bangers is pretty affordable:

  • One month will cost you $15
  • One year will cost you about $100
  • Lifetime membership will cost you $250

2. BadoinkVR - Classic Experience With A Virtual Twist

Founded in 2015, BadoinkVR is a popular favorite among cybersex fans. While it comparatively doesn’t have as many models and scenes as VR Bangers, its library of 470 scenes and almost 250 models gets the job done. BadoinkVR has teledildonic scenes, but they’re not easy to find. You will have to do some digging on the site for the cyberdildonic material.

Aside from teledildonic clips, using the Badoink search function is relatively simple. The site doesn’t bombard you with ads or extras. It’s a simple design created with usability in mind. Almost anyone can find the type of video they are looking for by using the simple BadoinkVR search bar or browsing through the categories.

New VR videos are added every single day. What’s more is that on their homepage, you can hover over the video thumbnails for a preview of what’s to come. Another cool feature is that there’s always a free video for you to try out on the homepage. Simply scroll down to the bottom to access it before purchasing a membership. One more perk for new members is that you’ll be sent a free pair of VR goggles upon signing up!

It’s a platform that’s compatible with tons of headsets, from Oculus, Playstation VR, Daydream, and more. What’s also great is their Virtual Theater function, which optimizes the content for your viewing pleasure if you decide to stream videos rather than download them straight to your device. BadoinkVR also provides great quality videos on both the application and desktop. We suggest downloading a free VR player or MilkVR to get the most out of these videos.

Here are the Badoink packages:

  • A trial will cost $1
  • One month will cost about $10
  • One year will cost about $70
  • Lifetime membership will cost about $250

We love WankzVR because it has the hottest models and very affordable rates. Some of their most sought-after performers are Athena Faris, Bailey Brooke, Gina Valentina, Alex Blake, and Sydney Cole. If that doesn’t do it for you, their packages could cost you as little as .23 per day. For less than a quarter, that’s a whole lot of sexy. When you join WankzVR, you get access to over 30 additional sites that they partner with containing more videos and nude galleries.

Plus, you don’t have to join without knowing what you’re in for. WankzVR allows you to preview their videos, making the decision to join totally up to you. If you don’t feel like checking them out for yourself, you should know that their videos are filmed well and almost all of them feature extreme HD quality. Get up close and personal with these girls as they deliver incredible genuine performances.

You might be wondering if there’s a catch to WankzVR. We wish we could tell you that it’s a perfect VR porn site, but it sadly has some downsides. Well, two to be exact: the videos are all 180-degree clips, and this site only supports two headsets: Playstation VR and Oculus. If these things don’t bother you, it’s a near-flawless site.

WankzVR has cheap packages:

  1. Two-day trial will cost you $2
  2. One month of unlimited downloads will cost you about $14.95
  3. One year of unlimited downloads and streaming will cost you $79.95
  4. Lifetime membership will cost you $375

VRCosPlayX is run by the same people who are behind BadoinkVR, so expect a very similar vibe. It should be noted that the two sites tend to share some content, so it’s not worth it to buy memberships for each. Purchasing a membership for one or the other will suffice.

People love VRCosPlayX because it’s dedicated to cosplay. This is made obvious when you hop onto the homepage. It calls itself the world’s only VR cosplay porn site and the production value of these scenes doesn’t disappoint. They are expertly filmed, ultra HD, and costumed very well. VRCosPlayX loves to feature superhero cosplay videos or scenes from your favorite old school shows and video games (like Scooby-Doo or Pokémon). The scenes on VrCosPlayX tend to be on the longer side, often exceeding the typical 30-minute mark. And while they offer a smaller quantity of videos on their site, the quality blows many other sites out of the water.

VRCosPlayX can run with many Apple and Android devices. It’s also streamable via Oculus, Playstation 4 VR, Gear VR, and Vive. Our preferred method though is through a free VR player as it provides the highest resolution.

VRCosPlayX is really inexpensive, especially considering that all memberships allow you to have unlimited downloads. The packages are the same as Badoink VR’s:

  • A trial will cost you $1
  • One month will cost you about $10
  • One year will cost you about $70
  • Lifetime membership will cost you about $250

KinkVR is run by the same geniuses behind Badoink VR, so you know it’s got to be good. It’s been around for a handful of years, but it’s surely mastered the art of providing fresh and fun content for your viewing pleasure.

KinkVR is well executed and caters to viewers with kinks and fetishes. When you hop onto the homepage, you’ll feel like you’ve been immersed into a BDSM sex lair with naughty vixens who are in the mood to punish you. There are tons of videos where the roles are reversed too, and she’s the sub instead of the dom.

The site doesn’t have hundreds of videos (at the time of writing this, it doesn’t even have 100), so it surely needs some time to grow and blossom. However, the video quality is absolutely fantastic and the girls who star in KinkVR videos are as convincing as they are sexy.

KinkVR is compatible with all VR devices like Vive, Gear VR, Oculus, and more.

  • A trial will cost you $1
  • One month will cost you about $10
  • One year will cost you about $70
  • Lifetime membership will cost you about $250

6. Virtual Real Porn - Best Use of VR Technology

Virtual Real Porn is becoming the conversation starter due to its advanced use of VR technology. It delivers 3D videos of beautiful women in scenes with you however, they can also do so much more.

For instance, they utilize binaural audio to make you feel truly in the room with these VR stars. They also offer experiences where you can direct the scene yourself. While you are engaged, you might be prompted to choose whether or not the model performs oral sex on you, or invites another girl into the room for a threesome. The ability to choose your own adventure is truly next level. The videos on Virtual Real Porn are often shot in 360-degrees rather than the typical 180-degree scenes we are used to on other sites. You can also choose to implement teledildonics for a truly immersive experience.

All of these cool features are great, but they don’t matter if the videos aren’t well done. Lucky for you, the videos are fantastic, entertaining, and wild. The scenes feel so realistic and they are shot in a purposefully amateur style. While they are well-produced, they feel extremely raw rather than scripted. And there are tons of videos to choose from.

If you want to jump on the Virtual Real Porn bandwagon, here’s what you’ll be paying:

  • One month will cost you about $12
  • One year will cost you about $9/month
  • Lifetime membership will cost you about $300

People head to AmericaVR for their raunchy threesome scenes and all-American, girl-next-door type models. Naughty AmericaVR does have some of our favorite girls, including Sydney Cole, Kendra Lust, and Sarah Jessie. There are categories like American, milf, facial, role play, squirting, and more.

The videos we typically find on Naughty AmericaVR are on the shorter side (under 30 minutes), but there are more than 400 scenes for you to feast your naughty eyes on with new videos appearing every single week. The site also offers premium members non-VR videos for when you want to switch things up and take it old-school. These videos are of the same production quality as the VR ones (which we’d have to say is pretty great).

Naughty America is really good, but not our favorite. The models are sexy, the scenes are great, and the production is nice. However, the site doesn’t feel as modern or user-friendly as we’d like it to. The search is also a little difficult to filter if you like to get really specific. There are great categories to choose from though if you aren’t sure of exactly what you’re looking for yet.

You can pay for Naughty AmericaVR videos using credit cards, Paypal, and even cryptocurrencies. It sits somewhere in the middle in terms of affordability:

  • A three-day trial will cost you $1.95
  • One month will cost you $29.95
  • One year will cost you $95.40

If you don’t want to commit to a membership, head to SexLikeReal right now. They offer pay-per-view scenes from a massive database (we’re talking over 5K videos). There’s also an option to buy a membership in which you will have access to all of that content whenever you want.

Before you get overwhelmed, know that it’s very easy to search through this database. You can filter by tags, keywords, models, studios, fetish, and more. SexLikeReal is also unique in that you are able to browse videos by resolution (with the maximum hitting 5K) and length. Speaking of length, SexLikeReal videos tend to be really long with some videos exceeding a couple of hours. There is a great variety in video quality on SexLikeReal simply because it sources from so many different studios.

The reason that SexLikeReal has so many videos for you to watch is that it’s less of its own production company and more of a curator. In other words, it vets high-quality videos for you from other sites around the web to ensure that you have access to the best VR porn videos that are available at the moment. They’ve also got a stellar app that you can enjoy on your mobile device and it’s compatible with any and all VR headsets.

SexLikeReal is an easy sell, so we’re sure you’re wondering how much it costs. We’ve got to admit, it’s on the pricier side:

  • One month will cost you $29.99
  • One year will cost you $19.99 per month ($239.99 for the whole year)
  • Lifetime membership will cost you $699.99 (that’s pretty steep if you ask us!)

StasyQ VR is the best VR porn website for stripteases, masturbatory scenes, and a voyeuristic approach. Yes, you feel like you’re in the room with these women as they touch themselves, but you are watching them explore from a distance. It’s a very unique subgenre in this world, but tantalizing and a pleasure to watch nonetheless.

StasyQ VR’s entire schtick is "modest" Euro models who make classy videos. They come across as shy at first, but these models heat up quickly. There’s also a very old-school Playboy vibe that comes across on StacyQ VR. It’s one that Hugh Hefner himself would be proud of.

One thing we love about StasyQ VR is that you can check out a scene for free without ever sharing your payment information. We suggest doing this because StacyQ VR is made for a very specific type of viewer. It’s not hardcore and in your face, like some of the other VR porn sites on this list.

StasyQ VR is really inexpensive compared to others, sitting pretty at roughly just $15 per month. Is there a catch? Sort of. It’s not the most hardcore website out there. It’s actually pretty soft, so keep that in mind when you visit StasyQ VR.

10. Virtual Taboo - Great For Kinks And Fantasies

Virtual Taboo is an award-winning VR porn site that’s been around pretty much since the inception of VR porn. They are most famous for their diversity of content, with awesome tags such as Prone Bone, Cum on Face, Cheating, and more specific fetishes. Three clips are uploaded each week, so we suspect their list of tags will only grow.

Virtual Taboo makes it easy to keep your viewing organized. If you’ve got a membership, you can save certain videos on a favorites list, stream and download all videos, and leave comments on videos. This gives it a community feel, which can be fun and exciting. The site itself is also very streamlined in terms of delivering content in a digestible and cataloged way for seamless usability. VR porn site veterans know how sloppy some of the sites can be, so the tidiness of Virtual Taboo is a really nice touch.

Most of the leading headsets are supported on Virtual Taboo however, if you’ve got PSVR, you won’t be able to stream the clips. You will have to download which is honestly not a huge deal. The quality of the videos is really great, but it can be subpar depending on the device and headset.

As a member, you’ll have access to all of Virtual Taboo’s videos. Is it expensive? Comparatively, yes. Keep in mind, the prices listed on their site are in Euros, but we’ve converted them to dollars:

  • One video will cost you about $10
  • One month will cost you about $16
  • Three months will cost you about $30
  • One year will cost you about $73

DarkRoomVR is the newest site on this list, popping up in 2020. When you hop onto the homepage, you get a very distinct taste for what is to come. Not only is the site dark in theme, but it’s also clear that DarkRoomVR is for BDSM enthusiasts. There are a lot of roleplay videos for you to choose from where models are dressed in schoolgirl costumes and look as if they are about to be punished.

The videos on DarkRoomVR are extremely kinky, and that’s saying a lot considering this is a list of the best VR porn sites. These videos are expertly made and will have you lost in the world of the video in just seconds due to the high production quality. It’s worth noting though that DarkRoomVR's library is quite small, but that’s to be expected from a very distinct new VR porn site. Give them some time and we’re sure they’ll be competing with some of the bigger libraries. They do promise weekly videos, so this should happen fairly quickly.

They also produce full-res 7K versions of their videos for you to download. This is a pro and a con because while the quality is insanely good, it does take a while for it to download. That’s not exactly ideal when you are ready and in the mood. If you opt for a membership on this site, we’d suggest downloading a few videos for yourself in preparation for a future hot VR session.

  • One month will cost you $10
  • Three months will cost you $25
  • One year will cost you $95
  • Lifetime membership will cost you $250

12. PornHub VR - Best Free Full-Length Videos

If you haven’t heard of PornHub, we’re sorry for you. It’s only the most popular free porn site on the web. Of course, it offers VR videos and they’ve got the bandwidth to give them to you completely free of charge. PornHub curates their VR videos from over 30 other sites, giving it a very large selection for you to browse through.

There’s a high probability that you’re already familiar with PornHub’s site, making navigation a piece of cake. It’s always nice when you are working with a site you’ve already come to know and love. It’s a bit like coming home! PornHub doesn’t quite have as many VR videos for you to browse as some of the other sites on this list, but remember that you’re getting this for free. That’s awesome. The videos do tend to be a bit shorter. Some are even under ten minutes, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find several that are well over an hour.

PornHub supports various headsets like Oculus and Gear VR. Like we said, the PornHub VR videos are free, but sometimes they’ll only show you partial videos and you will need to go to the studio site to see the video in its entirety. Usually, these shorter videos offer enough to get you off, which is why PornHub VR is worthy of a spot on this list.

13. Wet VR - Best HQ Up Close Shots

Brought to you by the folks behind various premium porn websites comes a new VR porn site that is sure to keep things juicy. It’s called Wet VR and it’s slowly but surely climbing the ranks among competitors.

Let’s just say that there are a lot of. . . fluids to be seen, shown, and virtually explored on Wet VR. It’s become famous for showing close-up shots in extreme HD. There’s nothing you won’t see on Wet VR because it’s so blatantly in your face.

Wet VR will allow you to download up to five free previews per day, giving you a taste of the wetness to come when you commit to a full-length video from their collection. Be careful though, the site can be moody. We’ve known those "free" previews to lead some users to sign-up pages, which is kind of lame. They are pretty new though, so we’re going to give the benefit of the doubt that these are just some growing pains.

Wet VR hires fantastic talent, and their videos tend to run for about an hour. The quality is great and the POV shots are incredible. You will really feel like you are in the room with some of the hottest in the industry.

Here are some of Wet VR’s membership prices:

  • One day will cost you $1
  • One month will cost you $14.95
  • Three months will cost you $59.95
  • One year will cost you $119.40

14. Czech VR - Hottest Czech Models

What is it about Czech girls that makes them so irresistible? If you’ve got a thing for Czech women, then you should absolutely spend some time on Czech VR. While you might not necessarily be able to hop on a plane to meet one in real life, Czech VR gets you as close as possible to the real thing.

The site is full of beautiful models, which we can’t stress enough. Really, the women on this site are gorgeous. You can filter the videos by tag, which we think is the easiest way to go about it. There are tags like Hardcore, Lesbians, Red Hair, and Solo. They also reuse their models in a lot of the same videos, so you can get really familiar with the girls as if you actually know them.

The production value is really great, but know that these videos feel really scripted (that’s because they are, which is pretty normal for VR porn sites). Most videos average about half an hour and feature 180-degree tilt and zoom. The site is easy to use and very simple in terms of finding great videos. Browse through them by tag, like we mentioned earlier, or genre, or model.

Pay for Czech VR’s memberships through credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency. Here’s what you can expect to pay:

  • One month will cost you $24.96
  • Three months will cost you $49.95
  • Six months will cost you $84.95

15. POVR - Most Diverse Library of VR Porn

We can’t complete this list without reviewing POVR. What’s amazing about this VR porn site is that it has over 8,000 free videos for you to experience right now. Yes, you read that right: 8,000 free videos. At the very least, it’s worth checking out this website just so you can get a taste of what they’ve got to offer.

POVR is similar to PornHub VR in that it’s not necessarily a studio, but a hub of great videos from other VR studios. They have great HD content, but also lower-res content that you can view on your iPhone or Android device without any issue. Of course, this content is best when viewed at its highest quality, and some of these 6K videos take a really long time to download. You can use the site’s built-in web player to preview the video before you actually download it, which will save you some time.

It’s easy to filter the videos on POVR. On the sidebar, you’ll notice a menu of studios for you to choose from. You can also search by tag, category, or model. Their videos often contain some of the most popular models in the biz, so you won’t be disappointed no matter what you choose to download.

We are really impressed by POVR’s library and we think you will be too! Here are the prices:

  • Two-day FREE trial
  • One month will cost you $24.95
  • One year will cost you $14.99/month
  • Three years will cost you $9.99/month

16. VR Hush - 360 Degrees of Nasty

VR Hush sounds like a VR site with a secret to tell you. However, this site is making a lot of noise! Tons of reviews around the web applaud VR Hush, and we’d have to agree. The production value is definitely top-notch and makes you feel as if you truly are in the room with the gorgeous models who perform in the VR Hush videos.

While the quality is amazing, there aren’t a ton of videos. But we know you’ll have a great time with the 150 scenes they do offer you because the models are so talented. Plus, new videos are popping up on the site all the time. Not only are they experts in making VR Hush feel very real, but they also happen to be that rare type of beauty, hitting the hot, beautiful, and young marks all at once. These 18+ women are pros.

Another thing we love about VR Hush is that the shots are filmed for 360-degree viewing, which is a really nice touch that a lot of other VR sites don’t do. It’s really evident that VR Hush works hard to provide quality content to its premium members.

Of course, you are wondering how much you’ll have to shell out to enjoy all that VR Hush has to offer:

17. TMWVR Net - Great For Teen Porn

Yeah, the name of this one is a bit of a mouthful, but it’s a nice place to get your VR porn action. It launched pretty recently, so it's one of the newer sites to make it on this list, but there’s a good reason for that. TMWVR is the brainchild of the same people behind Teen Mega World. If you’ve never heard of them or visited that site, we suggest you head over to check it out! It’s full of fresh-faced beauties with so much to offer.

When you sign up for a TMWVR membership, you are also granted access to Teen Mega World, which is an awesome added bonus. Their videos are good quality, high-definition, and make you feel as if you’re really experiencing each moment in the flesh. That being said, they’re only shot in 4K or 5K, while other sites exceed that. It’s clear enough for us, but there are some people out there who want the highest clarity resolution available.

The scenes on TMWVR Net last around half an hour, with solo sex scenes reaching about 15 minutes. It’s a nice length if you are into the shorter VR scenes rather than the ones that last hours.

Here’s what you’d have to pay for TMWVR access:

  • Two day trial will cost you $1
  • One month will cost you $29.95
  • Three months will cost you $59.95
  • One year will cost you about $120

18. Mobile VR XXX - Best Mobile VR Porn App

If you love watching VR porn on your phone, Mobile VR XXX is a great FREE option. It has videos that are optimized for your cell (but can also play on a desktop too if that is what you would prefer). This is great for folks without desktops or laptops who want to enjoy all the realms that VR porn has to offer, because you are able to download the videos right to your mobile device.

The homepage of Mobile VR XXX shows you what they are all about. You can access previews and teasers of these well-shot and edited 3D videos if you so choose. Mobile VR XXX will also choose one lucky member each week to be gifted one full video to download for free. It’s a nice way of establishing a sense of community. It’s clear that they care about the user experience, which is extremely important when it comes to VR in general.

Also great is that Mobile VR XXX shows unique videos shot from the female perspective, which is a really interesting way to experience VR porn if you’ve never tried it! Not to mention, you could learn a thing or two by experiencing sex from that perspective!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what VR Latina is all about. These Latin girls are sexy, talented, and real stars. The girls are all unique in their own way but they all seem to have one (or two) things in common, and it has to do with the large cup size that the Latina genetics seem to lend themselves to. With your VR goggles, you can nearly feel how juicy these Latinas are.

But VR Latina has more to offer than just the beautiful models and performers. It has awesome user experience and functions well. Their videos are primarily 40-minute 5K 180-degree 60 FPS clips that are compatible with Gear VR and Oculus. Are there other VR porn sites that are of higher quality? Sure thing, but VR Latina hits the baseline standard. They are also viewable on a phone if you’d prefer that experience.

VR Latina also cares about your privacy which is why they don’t label themselves on your bank statements. Your payments are totally discreet when you go through VR Latina and the membership is easy to cancel at any time.

Here is how their pricing works:

  • One day will cost you $2.99
  • One month will cost you $14.99
  • Three months will cost you $24.99
  • 12 months will cost you $67.49

20. Real JamVR - Most Gorgeous Performers

Real Jam specializes in American and European hotties. Before you ask, yes, they are extremely sexy. They need beautiful talent to make up for the fact that they don’t have a ton of content. At the moment, they have nearly 200 videos and 100 girls that they use.

As far as the videos themselves, they meet the mark (without exceeding our expectations). They are 5K videos at 60 FPS featuring a 180-degree perspective and binaural sound. Most of that is standard, but binaural sound is a really nice touch and totally amplifies the entertainment factor.

While there are a few cons, we have to admit that the videos and storylines are amazing. They’re hardcore, beautiful, and sexy. These women aren’t very well known, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know what they are doing. You can rely on the fact that the videos on Real Jam will always be hot.

Real Jam works with nearly all VR devices and can be downloaded in a multitude of formats depending on what you need for your particular compatible device.

If Real Jam sounds like your jam, here’s a breakdown of the pricing you’ll need to get behind in order to enjoy it in all its splendor:

  • One month will cost you $22.95
  • Three months will cost you $45.95
  • One year will cost you $89.95
  • Lifetime subscription for $299

21. Lust Reality - Huge Library Of Scenes

We’re fans of Lust Reality for their gigantic library of videos broken up into very specific categories. These categories are seriously specific. They’ve got everything you’re looking for including stockings, spitting, tan lines, orgies, and more. There are nearly 200 categories to go through, which doesn’t sound like a chore.

What you won’t find on Lust Reality are complicated plot lines. Depending on your style, this might be great or it could be a con against Lust Reality. Sometimes, those well-intentioned plot lines and that wacky dialogue distract from the virtual world you’re convincing yourself is a real one. Lust Reality features videos that are straight to the point.

Before you’ve even put down a credit card, you are welcome to download the previews free of charge. Another thing that sets Lust Reality apart from the rest is that these videos were filmed in 8K, so you will never have to worry about quality or missing anything at all.

We do have one qualm with Lust Reality. All the videos require a download. You can’t stream them which is kind of lame considering streaming is much more convenient. But the site is compatible with all major VR platforms.

Here’s what you’ll need to pay:

  • One month will cost you $14.99
  • Three months will cost you $34.99
  • One year will cost you $59.99
  • Lifetime membership will cost you $249.99

22. SexBabesVR - A Site That Keeps Getting Better With Time

SexBabesVR is your run-of-the-mill quality VR porn website. There are beautiful girls, fantastic scenes, and the site improves day by day. Currently, there are close to 200 models to choose from, and they’re all smokes. More and more women are joining the SexBabesVR platform, which is nice for the future of the site.

There are also a large amount of categories for you to check out. They cover your basic masturbatory needs and requests like hardcore or lingerie, but also cater to various fetishes like cosplay, Christmas, or footjob. The videos on this site are all exclusive to SexBabesVR, so you have to purchase a membership to take advantage of all the unique video categories.

One of the unique aspects of SexBabesVR is the community forums where people can come to express their opinions on videos worth watching. SexBabesVR also has a very responsive team that is open to any and all suggestions you may have regarding the videos. That’s not something you get on every site. Plus, they take your suggestions seriously.

The videos are shot in 5K resolution, which could be better, but it’s not the worst. They also average at just over half an hour, which is a solid amount of time. The content is good, which is what matters the most.

If you’re wondering what this will cost you, here it is:

  • One month will cost you $24.95
  • Three months will cost you $59.95
  • Lifetime membership will cost you $299.99

23. VR Allure - Masturbation scenes by famous pornstars

VR Allure is purely masturbatory VR content. If you want something between two people, you’ll want to keep scrolling because this site isn’t for you. These videos feature women alone, with sex toys, or with sex dolls. But if solo play gets you sweating in a good way, VR Allure is a great website full of delicious videos for your consumption.

We should start by letting you know that these videos are all shot in 5K, and other sites have higher quality videos. However, you can’t beat the models featured on VR Allure. We’re talking pornstars like Adriana Check, Pamela Morrison, and Jenna Fox. Yeah, some of the most recognizable names in the biz. Your dream of being in the same room as them is (almost) a reality on VR Allure.

VR Allure features videos with 3D binaural sound and offers a 180-degree perspective. There is also diversity when it comes to the women and types of videos you will find. Yes, they are all solo sex experiences, but you can filter by types like blondes, tattooed, Latinas, and more.

VR Allure is fairly affordable. Here are the price packages they offer:

  • One month will cost you $14.95
  • Three months will cost you $29.85
  • One year will cost you $90

24. Stripz - Stripteases From Hot Performers

Stripz is a very niche website that offers you beautiful stripteases. . . but that’s it. The quality of the videos is great, but before you waste time reading this review, you should know that Stripz is all about stripteases and masturbation. So, you won’t get POV scenes where you are a part of the action. That doesn’t mean that it’s not steamy and exciting to watch.

Stripz is a very user-friendly website that gives you a great sense of what you’ll be getting before you pay them a cent. On their homepage, you’ll find tons of clips and previews of what is to come if you decide to sign up for a membership.

The videos usually feature women in their bedrooms or bathrooms. They start off fully clothed and ease their way into getting totally nude for you. Sometimes they’ll tease you and other times they’ll play with themselves. The girls featured on Stripz are beautiful and they all have their own looks. Some are European cuties and others are Latina hotties. There are all types of girls and bodies available to you on Stripz.

The videos are filmed really well, but they are all 5K and feature 180-degrees of viewing for you. There also aren’t a ton of videos to choose from, but the Stripz library is growing by the day, which makes it a fun site to be a part of.

What makes the site truly stand out from the crowd is their attentive customer service. Stripz is one of the only VR porn sites that gives the consumers the chance to actively participate in what the next videos should feature. Beyond that, the women on Stripz are insanely beautiful and skilled in their field.

Pricing is relatively standard:

  • One month will cost you $24.95
  • Three months will cost you $49.95
  • Six months will cost you $89.95

VR Porn Site Features To Look Out For

As we were reviewing these sites, we had a checklist of things that we looked for. This checklist includes features that make the experience feel the most lifelike and immersive:

360-degree clips: Most clips are shot with 180-degree perspective ranges. That’s OK, but what if you want to get up and walk around? The best sites will have videos shot in 360-Degrees.

Binaural audio: Binaural audio is a recording method that uses two microphones to produce a surround sound effect that makes you feel like you’re actually in the room.

Teledildonics or cyberdildonics: The ability to sync your VR porn with Bluetooth sex toys.

VR Porn 101

Things are getting crazy! VR porn often requires that you have the right gear in order to enjoy it properly. Some of our favorites that most sites support are Playstation VR, HTC Live, Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus Rift. With this gear, you’ll be able to download and enjoy your VR porn. You can also stream it, but you better have an awesome Internet connection!

When you purchase your headset, you’ll be given instructions on how to use it properly. Our favorite headset is definitely Oculus. To use it, your desktop must have the most updated operating system, 8GB RAM, HDMI 1.3 output, and an internal processor of Corei3-6000 or higher.

If you’re feeling lost, a simple Google or Reddit search will point you in the right direction. And always read the fine print when signing up for memberships. You’ve watched enough porn to know that some sites can be shady and implement recurring charges that you weren’t expecting.

Choosing The Right VR Porn Site

These sites aren’t cheap. Sure, there are trials that will cost you a dollar or so, but for the most part you can expect to pay at least $20 for a month-long membership. Unlike regular porn, which is available to the masses pretty much free of charge, VR is an upgrade. It’s a premium, 360-degree experience. It’s going to cost you. Not to mention, headsets aren’t cheap either. With that in mind, choose your subscriptions and memberships carefully. Find the site that turns you on the most, is compatible with your headset, and has the right resolution for your preference or downloading capabilities.

Step 5: Make a (Pantry Friendly) Snack

This is a two ingredient appetizer. Just bake little piles of grated parmesan cheese&mdashwith a tiny bit of ground pepper&mdashin a 375-degree oven for 10 minutes. That's it, and they taste like fancy party food. (Because they are.)

Wondering what to do with all the white beans you stocked in a panic? Mix a few cups of beans with a small clove of garlic, a glug of olive oil, the finely grated zest of one lemon, and a tablespoon of chopped rosemary in the bowl of a food processor.

Caramelize some onions and nestle between two pieces of bread with slices of the best melting cheese you can scrounge from your fridge. Cook in a pan with a lot of butter, and cut into quarters. Sandwiches feel like cocktail food when they're tiny!

Toasted Ravioli with Marinara Sauce

A decadent snack you can make with frozen ravioli, a jar of pasta sauce, and the hunk of parmesan in your fridge. Plus what better words are there in the English language than "breaded and fried"?

These can be made in an almost infinite number of ways, but the principle is simple: Hard boil eggs, slice in half and remove the yolks, then mash them up with mayo, salt, pepper, and extras of your choice&mdashherbs, scallions, pickles, smoked salmon, paprika.

Air Pocket

Air Pocket addresses the growing problem of indoor and outdoor air pollution with portable oxygen bottles. These bottles store oxygen in high concentrations and can be recharged within a second when they run out. The oxygen stored in these bottles can be used through different outlets &mdash such as indoor mists and outdoor sprays &mdash depending on the application (not sure how practical that would be). There's even a discreet mask attachment that definitely is more appealing in the current times.


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There are tri-fold templates for brochures for a wide variety of services and organizations, including a brochure template for interior design, architecture, medical services, contractors, and schools. A pamphlet template is another option, great for a vacation rental, dog walking business, landscaping service, and more.

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