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Tasty and beautiful cake for the princess in me :))

Tasty and beautiful cake for the princess in me :))

Prepare chocolate cream

Boil the milk with the sugar and the 4 tablespoons of cocoa. After the milk has boiled, sprinkle the flour, stirring constantly, so as not to make lumps. Boil until it becomes like sour cream. Then put the package with butter and mix until the butter melts and mix well with the rest of the cream. Let it cool and when it is cold, add the essence and orange peel.

Vanilla cream preparation:

Put the 4 tablespoons of sugar in a bowl and mix with the starch. Add 200 ml of milk, from the liter of milk we have, and mix well so as not to make the starch lumpy. The rest of the milk is boiled, when it has boiled, add the white chocolate and mix until the chocolate melts. Turn the heat to low and add the starch over the chocolate milk. Stir constantly so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. Leave it on the fire until the mixture thickens well (see photo) and then let it cool

Meanwhile, while the boiled cream cools, mix the butter (which was left at room temperature) with the powdered sugar and vanilla sugar. Place the cooled cream on the mixed butter, little by little. The cream obtained I divided it into two parts.

The tops of the syrup are syruped with the syrup made and over two of the sheets the obtained cream is put. Let it cool and in the meantime we make the countertop sheets.

Preparation of countertop sheets:

Beat the eggs well with the vanilla sugar and sugar, pouring it gradually. When the eggs are beaten, add the milk and oil, little by little and alternating them. Add the flour with the baking powder and gradually pour until you get a dough like thick cream. Put the spoons with cocoa and rum essence, divide into 3 and bake 3 sheets. Bake the sheets on medium heat for the first 5 minutes then another 10 minutes on low heat, do the toothpick test before removing the sheets. It may take longer.

Cool the countertop sheets, cool the creams and start assembling.

Don't forget to prepare a syrup for syruping the countertops or you can do it with natural fruit juice

We put a countertop sheet- syrup- chocolate cream- countertop sheet-syrup- vanilla cream- countertop- syrup- crème ole- whipped cream.

Let cool for a few hours and then serve with a glass of champagne

Good appetite!

Princess Ghica fell in love with Errol Flynn for a year! | Serial Libertatea & # 8222Luna iubirii & # 8221

Princess Irina-Pacifica Ghica and Errol Flynn met in the spring of 1949, in a Parisian restaurant. He was filming in the French capital, she had been in Paris for almost 5 years, from Bucharest, with her mother, as many bourgeois families had done after August 23, 1944. Flynn, one of the most charming actors in the history of cinema, remarked Irina at a table next to him. "She had expressive eyes, you couldn't ignore her. The princess was so beautiful that she could have appeared in any movie, without having to say anything, her mere presence would have filled the screen, "Flynn later revealed. Errol approached the 17-year-old teenager, finding out that she is a princess and model at the Parisian fashion house Juliet Verneuil.

Ramona Gabor, from Monica's LITTLE SISTER from Bacău to the PRINCESS FROM DUBAI! ARCHIVE PHOTO

The story of the ascension of Ramona Gabor (24 years old) began with the marriage of her older sister, Monica, to the millionaire Irinel Columbeanu. Once the lady arrived in Izvorani, Monica did not hesitate to bring her relatives from Bacău to the businessman's property.

If she gave her mother the job of head of administration and the special voucher of little Irina, she wanted more for her younger sister Monica. Thus, the modest adolescent in the province began to see the brilliance of worldly life in the Capital and her escapades intensified. But, tired of wearing her older sister's clothes and accessories, Ramona wanted to build a career as well.

And could he choose something more appropriate than becoming a model? So, a visit to the cosmetic surgeon solved her problems: she narrowed her nose, enlarged her cheekbones, put on silicone and straightened her legs to get rid of the unsightly braces. Only good to parade on the podium, which, incidentally, happened.

Photo | Here's Ramona Gabor, before and after cosmetic surgery

The success she enjoyed among the Dorabanţi kings made Ramona keep the front page of the scandal newspapers for some time. The taste of fine champagne and private yacht rides made Ramona want more. Nothing could be simpler: a hostess contract at a hotel in Dubai, the paradise of the world's rich, has solved the problem.

Now, from the position of a simple leaflet distributor, Ramona has come, with the help of a very rich Arab, to pose in glamorous photo sessions, to show outfits from the big fashion houses and to be & # 8222surprised & # 8221 in the most expensive and exclusive places in Dubai.

However, the memories torment her from time to time and then she posts for her fans on Facebook, various & # 8222trăiri & # 8221: & # 8222In Bacău we ate the bean stew seasoned with some pickles like at my mother's house and when I eat the bean soup I like to season it with red onions, that's how it is eaten in my Moldova. Look, that's how I grew up and I came to this beautiful Dubai to eat. .

Well, the older sister's lesson, which was always focused on powerful financial gentlemen, who were able to provide her with a five-star way of life, made the most of her experience.

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