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Holiday plate appetizer 2

Holiday plate appetizer 2

rivka 1

04.01.2010, 21:04

yes ... well too often I looked at this picture, I found at the store simple lebar as in the picture and peasant ... with more spices and bacon chopped so coarser ... I took the peasant, it's buuuuuuuuun ... ..... nah I was hungry too, I would attack the other half but it would be really irresponsible ...

Plateau Hanul Ancuței

Quantity: Add to Cart It is necessary to mention in the Comments section at the end of the order, the desired date for delivery of the order and the estimated number of people for the event.

Orders for the next day will be taken until 14:00.

1.2 kg (recommended for 4-5 people)

A classic plate with dishes inspired by traditional Romanian cuisine. The plateau of Hanul Ancuței is a combination of tastes and flavors that you will not fail.

- pork meatballs - 8 pcs x 12 gr - minced pork, breadcrumbs, pepper, parsley, eggs, salt, garlic, oil
- cheese balls - 8 pcs x 12 gr - cheese, flour, eggs, pepper, salt, oil, baking soda
- minichoux with beef salad - 4 pcs x 45 gr - flour, mustard, eggs, pepper, salt, oil, chicken breast, potatoes, green peas, carrots, pickles
- chicken schnitzels - 6 pcs x 40 gr - chicken breast, flour, eggs, pepper, salt, milk, oil
- cheese roll with greens - 7 pcs x 25 gr - cheese, pepper, pepper, dill, flour, eggs, salt, milk, cream, butter
- wellington pork roll - 8 pcs x 30 gr - pork tenderloin, puff pastry, Dijon mustard, eggs, prosciutto
- cheese mousse on peppers - 6 pcs x 25 gr - bellows cheese, cream, butter, peppers, parsley